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Ideas for home made Hand checkering Tools? (For wood checkering) Answered

Hi everyone!

I am in search for any ideas for hand checkering selfmade tools and even tutorials on how to checker properly.
Since there are not many tutorials about this craftmanship - also finding hand checkering tools to buy (in germany) is quite impossible..

Really would appreaciate any help and/or ideas!

thanks alot!



Try looking at sites that feature rifles or gunsmithing and restoring. The stocks are usually checkered, and quality ones are hand cut. There may even be some information on this site. I cannot search at the moment due to computer problems.


6 years ago

Check out woodworker's riffler and needle files. You may be able to use them directly or modify them for use in checkering.

What about using various metal files? You can stamp the same way as with a specific hand checkering tool, but you won't have quite as much control on the pattern and shape unless you cut apart the hand files into smaller, workable sections. :-)