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Ideas for how to make a kinetic pin wall door Answered


The concept was to take the pin walls that you see at museums and science centers and make a kid's bedroom door out of these push pins.   From talking to manufacturers it appears to be a pretty pricey proposition (.25 cents per pin / approx 55,000 pins per 4x4 area).

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how to make this more economical?  Or if it had already been done and there was an instructable already out there?



Why stick with pins?

If you use something like bamboo skewers or cocktail sticks, they'll be cheaper per item, and you'll need fewer because they're thicker.

I was thinking you may be able to try straws, but with kids they would get beat up pretty easily. I think you need something that would hold up to the barrage.

Here was some of the design concepts shared by a manufacturer.