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Ideas for live sound effects mixer-player? Answered

Hi, I'm trying to build a remote device whereby I can play multiple recorded sounds over my stereo speaker system, sometimes simultaneously.

Imagine as a Halloween project, for example, I would want the sound of a wind storm going continuously, and then occasionally hit a button or slider with another sound, like wolves howling, footsteps, a creaky gate, etc.

Ideally I could play as many sounds as I wanted at a time on discrete channels, and each would be mixable... all that in as small a mechanism as possible.

Any thoughts/ideas/referrals?  Does this sound like a job for an arduino?

Thanks for reading!


Yes, that's a great start, thanks. And thanks to Kiteman and NachoMahma for your info as well.

I believe the device you are after is called a mixer desk.

. Various combinations of "mixer | mixing"  and "desk | console | board" seem to all give good results with Google.