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Ideas for old phone? Answered

My parents were cleaning out the attic, and they found an old phone. it is like the one in the picture only without the rotary thing (it has buttons). So they gave it to me to take appart. Any ideas for what I could use it for?


I just keep mine on a shelf in my bedroom cause it looks so cool. Or, if it is new enough and you have a landline, you could actually use it. We keep an old wireless phone around for power outages, since it is common for the power but not the phone lines to fail. This allows us to easily report outages.

Surely you mean an old wired phone around?

I do so mean. My mind was on other, related topics.

Have you plugged it into your phone socket? If it is a push button type, it might work on tones instead of pulses like the old dial type phones. It may have a change over switch on it somewhere to switch it from pulse to tone. It probably still works. I'd use it, and I actually was using one until it physically broke a few years ago. (Don't slam the receiver down when you are angry).

Rig it up to an electric-shock device (people will have an irresistible urge to touch it). And rig up an mp3 player to send "help help put me back!" to the handset


No, it should be a child's voice saying "Are you my mummy?", with an echo of an air-raid siren in the background.

The possibilities are endless - good idea.


Some of those phones sell for a good amount of money.  It depends on what you've got, but don't go choppin' into it until you know.