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Ideas for school X-mas holiday shop items? Answered

Out elementary school has a holiday shop ever year, when the kids get to buy items for their families. (.25-$1) I want to make some items to donate, but I am overwhelmed with ideas. They should be simple, cheap, and should only take 10 minutes (or less)  or so to make each. I can sew, crochet, paper crafts, etc.    Ornaments? Bags? Toys?  Thoughts?????



Best Answer 6 years ago

Have you seen Jesstratfink's Lego jewellery?

Depending on the age of the children the hot glue guns might be an issue. You might need an adult to do the glueing as both the hot glue and the gun can burn if you aren't careful.

UK schools use hot glue guns in tech lessons as young as aged 7.

Yeah...7 and 8 years probably have the dexterity not to burn themselves. I was working with kids in the 5-8 year old range and the 5 and 6 year olds didn't seem to have the dexterity for doing fine cordination like hotglueing buttons or beads.

I wonder if there's a washable glue, like PVA, that would stick to Lego?

it's stuff for me (the grownup) to make, so the kids can "buy" it at the "holiday shop".

most people get stuff from the dollar store, but I wanted to donate some nice home made items.

duh...sorry I read it quickly and missed the "kids buy" you make. The LEGO would certainly fit the need... looks sort of cool too.
Oh, and I made some green tomatoe bread using your recipe on the weekend... it turned out great! thank you.

Thanks for the ideas everybody! here is what I made:

I didn't have any legos, (they're at my mom's house) but I did have scrabble tiles and an old keyboard, so I made some necklaces. I also made tooth fairy pillows, and some monster key chains with my embroidery machine, with patterns from urbanthreads.com . I tried to make some hand made ornaments. they're not great, but oh well.

thanks for all the ideas!!!!!!!!!



6 years ago

Fridge magnets of some sort, maybe?

that's a really good one. thanks! I think I have some blank magnets lying around here somewhere.

Is food allowed?
A dozen cakes gives you up to 2h without exceeding 10min a pop, easy.


food is allowed, but it has to be something little kids can wrap and take home from school on the bus...etc.
maybe fudge..........
or cookies in tins......

Do that - cookies / brownies - easy to produce volume at low cost & time, hand-made/home-baked etc.


Simple jewellery works - Findings are widely available and cheap. Lots of on line information.


6 years ago

A lot of elementary kids want to get something they believe a parent would like as a present.