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Ideas for searching Answered

So, i have a big 'ol projection tv just waiting to be used for some sort of chaos, and of course turned to my online home of all things makeable. then it hit me.. woulde there be any way to create a search feature based on the requred materials, like turning a parts list into a set of searchable tags. ie: i have a big tv, so i type in projection tv, and all related instructables pop up that list a projection tv. or one step better, use all or some of the parts, like the fresnell lenses, capacitors, focusing lenses, big 'ol speaker magnets, etc. just an idea that hit me. i don't know how this could e done on already created posts, but you could edit the how they are created by allowing parts lists to be actively searched.. well.. gotta go, enjoy?


If people used their key words carefully, this should already work.

Actually a big ole fresnel lens is of use, make your self a big ole doom ray...

I have a 8 x 11 " 'lens' that has about 20-30 smaller lens on it. I kind of fly's eye view of the world LOL I wonder where I put that..... I took some cool pictures of candles and such with that lens.

You could also build a projection bomber... new in the featureds about light graffiti, combine with massive fresnel and have a proper building cover...

Well more light, bigger everything and a fresnel to keep the end unit size down to a minimum...

Oh I thought you meant one that was the equivalent of a convex or concave, not sure what to call that, If memory serves it's convex that's called for, the high intensity projection goes through the lens and is magnifies out to insane proportions...

Yeah, this one gives little Fresnel lens pictures of the same image when you look through it, like a fly might see (minus a few lenses of course). BTW, admittedly, I have been pronouncing, and therefore misspelling Fresnel as Frensel all these years.....I seem to have a touch of dyslexia. :-)

As do I if you've ever seent the state of my typing before spell checking, you'd know, even then I have to read through again, then miss things regardless, with comments I just have a quick read through, the spell checker perplexes me to no end since I use alot of words it simply misses out or glosses over like calibre and litre

I have found a great amount of use for the Google box by entering: Define word and if it is misspelled, most times it suggests what I was looking for and then I just add it to my spell checker dictionary for next time :-) Been a long night so far *sigh*

It's funny I have a good vocabulary and very good spelling, as long as it's not in a sentence

If I tired, in a hurry, or am verging on a anxiety attack I tend to sgniht esrever :-) I am an ok speller most of the time, and even do well in spelling bees, as long as I don't question myself and think about it too hard.......that gets me into trouble :-)

Well, you know what I mean though, it is rather "worrying" that is what makes my spelling bad, especially once I write it down........that doesn't LOOK correct LOL

I know, however my doom ray plans are all coming together, should they work a similar machin can be built from much less complicated components...

ie: i have a big tv, so i type in projection tv, and all related instructables pop up that list a projection tv.

Of course, if that is in the title or if it is placed in the list of keywords, it should come up.

In a way, you are asking if the parts list could become part of the keyword list. One can manually do that already. Then again, depending on the list ( 2 5/8" flat washers, 2 11/16 " hex nuts.....etc) it may slow the search engine down tremendously.