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Ideas for the laser-cutter contest Answered

I don't have the time or materials or I would attempt it myself. What I'd like to see is a laser cutter mounted to a line-following robot. It could be made to cut out designs you've drawn on various media. Whether it was cutting cloth or stone, I think it would be a great innovation and I'd love to see someone successfully build one. Another fun idea would be a laser-cutter-brander. It would be a predesigned mark cut with a single, stationary laser (or laser assembly rather). It could be used to put your mark on wood, plastic, etc. Better than heating up a piece of steel, I'd reckon. I just figured I'd post a couple suggestions, since I seriously doubt I'll be able to put anything together, especially within the timeframe. Please PM me if you make one of these, cause I'd love to see how you do it. Anyone else have an idea that you may not get to actualize?


Thinking about it. You may be able to make a charcoal grill starter. Just to be fancy, if you could include an IR meat thermometer, that would be great. Or, maybe even create a pilot flame for a flame thrower or somesuch. For that, maybe use two lasers aimed at a single focusing point and force the combustible liquid through that point? Maybe even a cigarette lighter. The laser could light the cig, or it could be an igniter for butane, or an old-fashioned zippo. I think that would definitely work. Stuff a laser into an old oil table lighter and use that in lieu of a flint wheel. Just some thoughts.

I would use a laser cutter to etch on paper. You could print stuff without ink or toner. I would also make a laser that would fit into an inkjet printer cartrige to make it cheaper (no cutter needed) Any other ideas?