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Ideas on how to make a simple crocodile costume for a Peter Pan production? Answered

How can I make a crocodile for a small child(ren) to wear in Peter Pan?  It would be cool if he could open and close the mouth while the other child (in the back) would hit a wooden block for the tick tock.  We have a frog costume, which will cover the kids, but can't figure out how to do a head.  It needs to be simple - I'm no craftsman, but I can sew & glue.


For the head, I would get a cheap styrofoam bike helmet (that fits the child) and using a glue that works with styrofoam, glue on additional styrofoam pieces to construct the shape of the crocodile head. Styrofoam is nice because you can usually get enough of it for free, its easy to work with and sculpt and its lightweight for the child. Once you have the shape, it can be either covered in felt/fabric or given a layer of paper and then painted. I would make a hinged portion for the lower part of the mouth, and have the opening and closing done with a simple stick. The first thing that comes to mind is one of those clear sticks for opening and closing window blinds. It wouldn't stand out in the production, but would allow the child to open and close the mouth.

For the body, using one child would probably be easier. Start with a simple light green body suit or a pyjama, and add the darker green crocodile parts to the back. Make the tail from the same fabric used on the back and fill it to give it shape (you could use crumpled newsprint, or foam used for cushions/mattress covers).

The body of the crocodile is simple - cover the children with a large piece of green fabric, possibly patterned, possibly covered in glued-on cardboard scales.

The head is only very slightly harder - effectively a large hat made of two cardboard sections, hinged at the jaw joint, and with the child looking out through the mouth. The front child could work the jaw with a length of cane to push it up and down.

crocodile costume.JPG