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Identify ceramic/film capacitors?? what? Answered

So i went on this website, because i need a 1.0uF ceramic capacitor.
would the numbers be 105 and a letter?
(there doesn't have to be a letter, but there may be)



Yep.. 0.001 10-3milli [m] (a thousandth) 0.000 001 10-6 micro [µ*](a millionth) 0.000 000 001 10-9 nano [n] 0.000 000 000 001 10-12 pico [p]

Here I'll give you a quick run down on the case coding every thing in ceramic capacitor is in picofarads, So your 0.22uF is really a 220000 pF capacitor so to get a case code you take the first two number 22 and the total number of zeros 4 and this is your number 224..... Just like the 105, it's 1000000 pF which is 1uF..... And they only come in a few values starting with 5, 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 27, 33, 39, and 47........

what if a ceramic capacitor only has two numbers? like 27? is it 27 pF?

i understand all thet lableing stuff, but i don't know how many pf are in a uf, haw many uf are in a farad, etc...

1000000 pF in uF 1000000 uf in a Farad 1000000000000 pF in a Farad

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I think so, cause that's 10 with 5 zeros, which makes a million pf, which is one uf

Yep. But a one Farad capacitor would be SO BIG THAT... What? You have one and it's only about a cubic centimeter? Oh yeah. Never mind. (A classic capacitor; two plates with vacuum or air between the, has a capacitance of about 8.85E-12 A/d, so if you were to keep the plates 0.1mm apart, you'd need square plates about 3.4kilometers on a side to make a 1F cap.)

They have super caps they reach thousands of farads, even though they are expensive

I only have 2 super caps (both rated at 5.5 volts), one's 1 farad (it takes a while to charge!) and the other is 0.22F

I've got a 0.22F cap, i suppose yours is green? right?

nah, meins dark blue I got it from a shake flashlight

well mine's green and it's out of a VCR you can charge that 1f cap using a computer psu, it shouldn't take more then 15 seconds, unless the capacitor has a high internal resistance

My 1F, 2.5V caps are black. All 100 of them (Electronics Goldmine had a sale!) And they're quite tiny; about 15mm long by 8 in diameter or so. I also got some samples up to 10F, I think, from Cooper/Bussman. Had to actually talk to them, though.

but they didn't have a sales person come to your house, right?

alright, thanks again!