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Identify resistors? - well, sort of Answered

So, i have a bunch of project that i want to do, i have schematics and the parts (but i don't know what the color bands of the needed resistors are) Can some one give me a link to a utility converting numbers (470 Ohm) into color bands (yellow, violet, brown) please help/reply! thank you!


that's neat but i need to put in, say 100 ohms, and get the color code for the resistor

. Here's a little memory aid for the color code that I learned in school:
. Black Boys Rape Our Young Girls, But Violet Gave Willingly (blk brn red org yel blu vio gry wht)
. Not exactly PC, but it works for me.

People always post the "nice" version, which I don't understand since the whole point is that you remember it because its not PC.

I just remember it as black:brown:rainbow:grey:white... its not like the colors were chosen at random...

well, here's the inverse:

color code:
black - 0
brown - 1
red - 2
orange - 3
yellow - 4
green - 5
blue - 6
violet - 7
gray - 8
white - 9

the first 2 bands are significant digits, so like blue, violet would be 67. the third band is how many zero's you add, so if the 3rd band is red, you'd have 6700, or 6.7k

470 ohms is yellow, violet, brown. there's also a gold band, which means the actually value is +- 5% of 470

is there a website that is the exact opposite of the one you posted?