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Identify this bike! Answered

He guys, We recentley pick up this bike from someone who wanted to take it to the dump, this is not our bike but a picture i found on the internet. could anyone tell me some details an if possible a review of this bike. thanks in advance!


Those were zippy little two strokes. Fairly fast, but kinda poor gas milage, and not a lot of stopping power. They were sort of the predecessor to the RD series. In good shape they are worth something, but rough ones should probably just be ridden, rather than restored.

Mines been painted Red with left over barn paint But its in Immaculate shape, ill post a pic this weekend when we go to get my Can-AM 250 this weekend.

Let me know how this project goes. If you need any parts, just ask. I still have a few old Yamaha parts laying around. You're welcome to anything I have if I can find it!

Thanks alot! after my Can-am I'll be fixing this one up.

I have more Honda and Harley parts these days, but I used to own like 5 Yamahas (at once). I don't think the kids or I even own 1 anymore. I'll just have a few bits, but I don't need them anymore. Just let me know if I can be of help.


9 years ago

My usual resource for finding out about 70s bikes is the UMG archive online. Choose almost any model of bike and there will be a handful of stories from riders, often tending more towards the war story/tall tale end of the spectrum but still usually some useful tips on maintenance and running.

I couldn't find any bikes there under the YR designation, which is odd because Yamaha have kept most of their lettering the same for the last 40-odd years. It looks a little like the RD (another flat-tank stroker vertical twin) but I can't say for sure.

. Googled "Yamaha 350 YR-1" and everything I saw was a '67. Maybe they made them for just one year.

. Very similar to a Honda CB350 I had back in the mid-'70s (it was 8-9 years old when I got it, so it would be close to the same year as your Yamaha). Great bike for around town and short jaunts on the highway. Mine was geared too high for much off-road use. Enough power to tote two ppl around without straining too much. The headlight was a little weak. . Change all the lubricants before firing it up.

right no the bearings are shot, so wel have to replace them anyways but thanks. it'll be my first bike, ill probably do my license on it. :p

. There is a valve on the bottom of the gas tank. Make sure you turn the valve to the full off position when you shut the engine down or gasoline may leak past the carburetor, wash the oil off the cylinders, and dilute the engine oil. It is a three-position valve - make sure you use off, not RES. . You'll know soon enough if you forget to turn it back on. ;)