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Identifying a Mask Answered

I am after any info about this mask and any history of it please.

Here are a few bullet points of info about the mask.
-From Canada
-Giving to from sister 25 years ago
-Strange goings on have been happening in the house with horrible vives coming from it. for at least 15 years
-When moved downstairs it started acting up.
-Blowing on neck when reading book, man called Tom communicating with her, calling her by her real name but her family normally dont.
-spiritualist have been in and sensed spirits.
-the mask will not burn even though it is wood.
-the women is now petrified

Any help would be appreciated




I have a Fresnel lens that can take care of your mask problem. : )

-the mask will not burn even though it is wood.

I suggest looking up the instructables for "thermite."

The sculpting style seems too realistic or modern to be any type of folk art and curses that might be associated with it.  Is that the Virgin Mary that was captured in the image also? Someone is lurking in the background.

The only way a wooden mask could harm you is if somebody hit you with it. 

The stuff you describe is just the hind-brain seeing links and patterns where none exist, like seeing Jesus in a burnt piece of toast.