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If I attach an engine to my bicycle, will I be allowed to ride it in Massachusetts at 15? Answered

 I'm 15 and I want to attach a 3.5HP engine to my bike. would it be considered a moped and would it be legal for me to ride it without a license?



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Just do it.


6 years ago

I ride a 48cc, 1.5 h.p. bicycle that will do 40 mph.
I however do not like going more than 30.
3.5 hp is enough to get yourself in alot of trouble and I don't mean legal, I mean medical.

do it, I'm 14 and doing in England, so I'm much more likely to get nicked

  The following are opinions from someone who's been there, only in Georgia, and not legal facts.  This was 20 years ago, and (I feel) the laws have gotten a lot dumber since then.  Whatever you do, just be safe and stay out of everyone's way. 

IMHO, If you're 15 and capable of attaching an engine to a bicycle, you deserve to be able to ride it much more than a 16 yr old should be able to drive a vehicle they don't understand, licensed or not.  But that's just me, I don't pay much attention to laws, I use good old fashioned morality to keep out of other people's way.
  I've been told that here in Georgia mopeds under 50cc don't require a license, but I helped make several small bikes powered by chainsaws and leafblowers before I found that out.  Lucky me, I guess, but it wouldn't have stopped me. 
  Of course, I started this when it was against the "rules" to take a bicycle or "under 50cc vehicle" on the street (it was legal as long as we stuck to the sidewalks that for some reason you aren't allowed to use anymore.).  To take one on the road meant it had to be able to do the speed limit, have working lights, etc.  Then you had to get it registered and needed a motorcycle license.  We were just having fun, not trying to get to work and back, so we never bothered. 
  Basically, the vehicles we made were legal, but not on the road due to the lower speeds.  For some reason, bicycles are required to impede traffic now, instead of staying safely on the sidewalks that were built for them. 
  A good rule of thumb we used was to stick to private property if you're unsure.  Police are powerless there unless the property owner complains, and all they can do then is make you leave and (worst case) threaten to cite you for trespassing if you return after being warned.  In more urban areas, this means you can go from parking lot to parking lot legally, as long as you don't hit anyone.  Low-powered vehicles aren't much of a threat, and it takes a really bored cop to make an issue over it. 
  I know this doesn't answer your question, but I'm tired of the law impeding technological progress.  If I can build a plane from scratch, I should be able to fly it, as my understanding of aerodynamics and physics would be evident.  It should only be illegal when it negatively impacts someone else.
  My motto (stolen from a recent campaign against helmet laws) is "don't legislate, educate!"

 On the site it states it must have an automatic transmission, which it wouldn't have. Is it still a moped?

We live with mopeds out here in Hawaii and our state law states that 50cc and under is a moped. However there are other things you should look at like ; Will I need a licence to drive on the roads? We do here in Hawaii. The bare minimum here is a Moped Licence not good for any other motorized vehicle.
Mass., is a funny state. you might want to call your Motor Vehicles Department to find out more. They like to know that everyone that drives on the roads knows the rules of the road, hence the need for a licence.
3.5 HP sounds like a whole lot more than 50cc Good luck.

Check with the department of motor vehicles.  I know that in Ohio if it (anything) has a motor that provides power to move or operate, you need a license or permit to operate it on streets.  This is why you hear stories of people getting picked up for drunk driving on lawn tractors, golf carts ect.  They lose their license to drive and think its OK to just use a lawnmower.  Darwin has a place for these people and they are just waiting in line to get there.

.  It varies quite a bit from state to state, but a rough rule-of-thumb is (was?) that anything under 50cc is OK.
.  Check somewhere on http://www.mass.gov/ for the specifics in your state.