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If I bought a Gameboy advance SP at a garage sale for 15$ would that be a good deal? Answered

It was only 15$ Anyone know how much they are normally?


When I bought one ( A very long time ago...), it was about $100. I'm not quite sure how much they should cost now. I would guess about $35. I know that they are being outdated by other upcoming Nintendo products, better buy those games up quick.

yeah it is worth it if you are going to you use it good and they are a thing to collect I may be wrong

I bought one for 5 dollares but i had to buy the charger seperate so it all came to 11 dollares.

you got ripped off i bough mine at a yard sale for 1.50


8 years ago

Yes! Buy it! They were $100 when they first came out.

 I bought a new one years ago for $99. generally, garage sales mark stuff down to 1/3 the original purchase price. I think yes.

Normaly there between $20-$35 USD.

 On amazon.com, a used one costs about $30-$40.You bought it for half the price, so I suppose it is, though I don't really know about this kind of stuff.