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If I cut an LED strip that requires 12V and 5Amps, can I use a Power supply rated 12V 2.5A? Answered

If the strip is cut in half will the strips still require 5 Amps power supply or can I use a LED power supply that is 2.5 amps 12V ?


Depends on the strip. Often the strips are made so they can be cut smaller and still only require 12V. As you cut those sections off the current required drops. Each section only requires a certain amount of current.


4 years ago

Probably NOT. !

How do you know it is a 5Amp strip ?
That seems high,
Does it,  the strip have cut marks ?
Could that be 5Amps per meter ?

These are the specs from the web site for the LED. The strip does have cut marks. I am assuming its 5A for the whole role.


If you power half a strip, it will need half the current.
If you power 2 x half a strip, it will need 2 x 1/2 the current, or the same as the whole strip.

IF you had a 24V 2.5 A supply, you could put them in SERIES.

Current (ampere) is proportional to strip length. Voltage is fixed (12V).
Some RGB strips require 1.2A / m, some other 0.5A / m or less. If your is 5m long, 5A seems right to me, if you have no more detailed info about the strip (A / m value) feel free to cut it in half to split in half the current needed.