If I get Arduino board do I take the microcontroller off the board and then use it or do I have to use the whole board Answered


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I know its a stupid question but I am new to programming and I don't know that much. So after I program the microcontroller do I have to use the whole board or can I just pop the microcontroller out and use it like that? I will be using The Arduino Duemilanove Thanks


u can just buy the ic for like $6 instead of paying $30 for the whole thing.....

Yes, you can absolutely remove the microcontroller and use it in other setups. This is actually desirable because in most implementations you don't need the USB controller or headers on all the pins, power switching, etc.

Wiring up a basic Arduino board is relatively simple if you can follow a schematic. Even easier, you could get a http://www.surplusgizmos.com/Dorkboard-Kit-Arduino-Compatible_p_1790.html or a similar kit, which run in the $7-$10 range. Assemble and plug in...

One last question is the chip rewriteable or can I keep changing the program? thanks

thank you both I just wasn't sure I really apperciate it .

You can do it however you like. It will work without the board, provide that the components it needs to run (resistors, etc.) are in the circuit. I like to use the blueboard its on, because it makes a great mounting point, and protoboards are availible that will allow you to snap on a hole pcb with circuits on it.