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If I have downloaded a game on STEAM, and I un-install it, will I be able to re-download it afterwards for free? Answered

So, if I have downloaded say, foreign legion: buckets of blood (short, but fun) on STEAM and I un-install it by right clicking on it and selecting delete local content, will I be able to re-download the necessary game files and play it again with-out having to pay for the game again? Thanks in advance



Best Answer 8 years ago

Yes! you can also use your steam account on more than one computer Once you have bought the Steam game it is in your "library" and is there forever (unless it was mentioned this was not the case when buying it) I at the moment have about 15 games on my steam account but non actually installed on my computer, I can just login into steam and download them. :)

You might, I hear there are problems with DRM around these things. The only real way to answer the question is to try it. L

Thanks, although i don't really want to try it 'cos i don't want to lose games that i have paid for! And, cheers, you all ways seem to answer my questions lemonie! Its either you or kiteman... You 2 are so helpful!

Kiteman is on holiday...
I read things about DRM around this area, but I don't buy these things myself.


If you have purchased the game, then you will be able to download it again. If it was a freebie, its questionable.