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If I have wind none stop can I use 100f caps instead of SLA in between my load? Answered

people with petal generator seems to able to use Caps somereason instead of SLAs, is it possible for a wind gen to do the same?
use 10f caps as a buffer between loads..

also can I use AA battery bank to power an inverter (300ma 12v)


Take a look at the energy storage capacity of a supercap, and tell me.
The energy stored in the capacitors = 1/2 C x V^2
The energy in the battery = (Ah) x V

Where V is the terminal voltage, C is the total capacitance in Farads, and Ah is the amperehour capacity of the battery.

If the numbers favour the Cap, and you can afford it, go for it. Except for transients, I doubt you can beat an SLA yet.



8 years ago

If high-power storage is your goal, then SLAs are what you want.  Capacitiors are great, but only for short bursts of high power, and for powering low-power devices.

An SLA is also far, far less expensive.  And recyclable.

Thanks a lot Jeff, I agree with you as well..