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If I hook the 12 v motor from a car air compressor to a crank and the wires to a battery, will I have a hand generator? Answered

I know you'd need diodes, but would I be able to charge a 12 volt battery with something like this (kinda like in that videogame Metro 2033 where you have a hand powered generator- coolest thing ever)?


Yes it should work, but use the gears from the compressor if you can - faster is better (on the motor)


That's exactly what I did! I just took it apart and re-worked the gears so that I could use them, then came up and read this. I just gotta rig a handle that connects to that half moon type shaft thing. Thanks!

Be sure to publish the results, we'd like to see.<


Should work -- dc permenant magnet motors do function as generators (with diode bridges to rectify the output)...With just a hand crank it won't turn fast enough to generate 12-14 volts to charge a car battery -- You will need to add a gearbox to up the hand crank turns to 'motorish' rpm.