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If I post a picture???? Answered

If I post a picture of the remains of a pipe bomb, will my instructables be taken down?


I think the remains would be fine. Instructions on how to make one? Nope. bad idea, in my opinion. Free speech issues aside, it just seems like a bad idea.

Hmm, what if I show a before and after image. Like I would show how it looked like before it exploded and how it looks like after it exploded.

I guess my concern here is that a pipe bomb is prety much a grenade. it's not designed to just make a cool "boom", it's primary reason for existing is to kill someone and cause damage. There are a lot of instructions for making explosives. Most of the time its purely for fun. Make a loud noise. that sort of thing. Pipe bombs are just malicious. Nothing fun about them you could not do without making it any more dangerous than you have to. Posting anything that would encourage people to make one is just a bad idea. An that includes posting pictures with disclaimers like "Don't do this" The kids that do that kind of crap are pretty transparent. It's like posting instructions for making Anthrax. No good fun legal reason for it.