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If I put lemon juice in one cup, ammonia in another would I have made a battery? Answered

I couldn't fit all of this in the question box so PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING. I read that acids put in water release H+ Ions and bases put in water release OH- Ions. If I put water proportionate to the amount of what I have in the cup, and added wires to connect to a circuit, would I have made a battery?

P.S. The picture was made in MS Powerpoint for anyone who wanted to know.


No. Where's the circuit ?


To expound on Steve's erm...brief retort....

An electrical circuit has a closed loop in which electricity flows. You have what's known in electronics as an open circuit, which by definition has no current flow.

Electricity is the flow of electrons from negative to positive. In your set up at best you have a capacitor and worst nothing will happen as Steve says where is the circuit.


6 years ago

You probably need a semipermeable membrane between the solutions and metals to react chemically to battery yourself better then ancient Egyptians.

Semipermeable membrane like alkali metals?
No, not at all like.


Acid-base chemistry is about hydrogen-bonding, it's not an electrochemical REDOX.
Acid-base equilibria are governed by ion-concentration, they don't move unless the ions are in the same cup.