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If I un-publish an instructable, is it permanently deleted or can I just publish the same one again? Answered

My roller coaster instructable has a corrupt pdf file, the page won't load up. If I remove the instructable via unpublish it, will I still be able to access it to re-publish it?


If you unpublish it, it will be saved as a draft. If you unpublish it and delete it, it will be gone

if you unpublish one it just makes it non-visible to other users but you may edit it and then publish it later i you ever want to again, but it should save it in your "unpublished" section.


5 years ago

I would advise serious caution !!!

Just last month, I asked HQ to remove an ible of mine from my publications
to test the idea of color reversal change which did change back to red.

But the ible lost most pics and all the text on steps_2 through the last_step
of it and on several un-published works in progress :-(


Yes. Unpublishing is different from deleting; all it does is to take the I'ble out of the list that other people see on your page. You can still get to it from the "Drafts" sub-tab under your "Instructables" tab.