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If I understood it, maybe I'd buy something... Answered

I was emailed a link for a Dutch housewares website. I haven't got a clue about speaking Dutch, and I don't even know if it's a real website.

Follow this link , let it load up, leave it for a few seconds, and enjoy.


Cute ;-) RG strikes again

I wonder how many times they got burnt in the first one. XD

Wow, I wonder how long it took to get those to run the whole way through, especially that first one :-)

I have seen a little of it once or twice, so it just kind of came to mind ;-)

"From the makers of Who Wants to be a Millionaireon crack"

I thought it was from the makers of "Who Wants to Play Monopoly online" LOL


10 years ago

Hilarious! FYI, it looks like this is to announce the opening of Hema's new online shopping site. Hema is one of the biggest chain stores in Holland and across the EU. The message at the end says "HEMA's products can now also be found at hema.nl" When you go to hema.nl, you see the actual online shopping site...

I call shenanigans.

umm yeah...learn to speak dutch?


10 years ago

Really cool, I had to buy a dozen things I didn't want or need. LOL

I didn't know that Ghettoblaster came from the Dutch

I think it's fake? None of the buttons actually work but the 2 on the pop-up cool though