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If I was invisible for a day I would... Answered

Community lets just have some innocent fun ... what would you do if you were invisible for a day?


After turning invisible, I would

Just kidding! I would break into the CIA or something and take over the world... or something like that. Go big or go home!

... I would probably get pretty annoyed at all the people bumping into me. If you're not into peeping, thieving, or sneaking into places you don't belong, being invisible would be a hassle.

I'd probably just drive around and freak out strangers with my self-driving car. With enough advanced warning, I might try to make a more convincing version of https://www.instructables.com/id/LieDar/.

Did they bust you down to private or is your PRO tag invisible?

Why would I be busted down to private lol?
And please be on topic if you are a over serious person please get some life :)


Do some research before you start picking people to fall out with...

My comment was an overly serious question to the beast. The commenting structure has not been addressed so it causes confusion on who is replying to who and all parties under the thread get notified of the new comment. I do have ibles4life tattoo'ed on mah bu...

I let my pro membership lapse. Luckily, I had a few yearlong codes from featured projects and guides to get the label back on my avatar.

I would probably run to nearest computer store and grab some latest graphic cards what else can be better ^-^

Well, as the picture shows. it would very much depend on CLIMATE. It is useless to go around with clothes on, as you'd be seen; SO walking about in Alaska, or Arizona (heat stroke), or Florida (bugs), would probably be even MORE of a hassle then just being bumped about by other people.

Now, there is a very REAL possibility that, since the sensors in the back of the eyes, cones and rods, sense light by collecting it (literally stopping it), if invisible, you may just be completely BLIND.

Get run over by a car, and you die, since no one knows you are there.

Yep, I agree with Wilgubeast; it would be TOO MUCH of a hassle, and would actually be very dangerous. Have you never read The Invisible Man ? He had all KINDS of troubles with it. :-)

Being invisible doesn't seem to help to make your forum topic more visible.