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If I win a competition, how do I know if it will ship to my country? Answered

I live in Spain, and I entered a competition, If I win, will the prize be shiped to spain?


Thank you adhith94! I will go do that now <3

you are welcome and good luck with your future projects...and Sorry for this late reply.

Hi Alice as adhith94 said check the official rules that is also why some contest entries are rejected.

Hello AliceM49

The best way to know about it is by reading the official rules which is give for each contest in the contest page. In Section A (seen at first itself) under Eligibility you could see the list of countries from which entry is not accepted. If you are eligible then I believe there is no problem in shipping the prize to your country. Also read other details in the official rules to make sure that there is no charges applicable to the contestant during shipping.