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If We Have A Good Movie Script. Later On In Life , Do We Get In A Movie Role ? Answered




7 years ago

Depends on how much your willing to work for. Shinny rocks perhaps? Or how about food for the day, or maybe just lunch. Writers are not generally considered to be actors. Although --- In the last episode of Babylon 5 when they turn out the lights of the station the actor playing a maintenance man and throwing the switch is the writer of the series. Just a little bit of trivia there.

Well, yes, but Straczynski was also the executive producer ("showrunner"), and generally was the driving force behind the whole production. That's a position of much greater power than merely being the author.

Your best bet is to make a couple indie films with friends and family. That way you guarantee your presence in the movie you write. If you make something you feel is good enough submit it to local and international film festivals.

Unlikely. Once you sell them the rights to the script, that's the end of the transaction. They have no reason to want you on screen, and they may want you as far from the set as possible to avoid getting into arguments about how your script is being interpreted and reworked.

You can try asking whether they could use you as an extra, but extras may be lost on the editing room floor. It's unlikely they'll offer you more than that unless you're already well enough known that they think they'll sell additional tickets to people playing "spot the author".

Being a writer, and being an actor, are completely independent skills and career paths. It's possible to pursue both, but only if you put serious effort into both and develop a reputation -- separately -- in both.


7 years ago