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If a 1 pole magnet was invented,what would it be used for Answered



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The most immediate impact would probably be in the physics realm, where different theories say both that they should exist, and that they should not exist. Discoveries within the last year are showing that it is more and more likely that they do, since scientists have been able to isolate particles that behave in ways quite similar to the way monopoles are predicted to.

Hi, Yoko. Be a bit careful. See my reply and the included link. The observations are not of "isolated particles," but rather of collective behaviour in solid-state systems.

The spin-ice "monopoles" are essentially an example of symmetry-breaking due to frustration -- they represent a point where they required symmetry of the system has a singularity. That point can move about (magnetic current) in the same sort of way that a crystal defect can migrate through the bulk.

Larry Niven used "magnetic monopoles" as a plot device in a lot of his Known Space books. I can't remember why now. Something tio do with Bussard ramjets ????



7 years ago

It would be used for the same things a 1 sided coin is used for.

In condensed matter physics, spin ices can include flux states which behave like magnetic monopoles. See, for example, a news writeup in Science World with links to the original research.

Quantization of electric charge requires that a magnetic monopole exists, but there only needs to be one in the whole universe to do that job.

Pretty much the same things as a bipolar magnet. It would still stick to metal. Lots of permanent magnets only use one pole of the magnet.