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If a 12v car battery is down to 6v can you still charge it? Answered



Mmmm The wisdom says anything less than 10.5 is seriously damaging and needs special efforts to recharge.

A desulphator circuit (search for it) may help.

Yes, its very deeply discharged. If its happened recently, it may live.

But it will probably only live until cold weather. I've found that once discharged this low mine usually fail the first winter.

.  It's worth a try, but don't have high expectations.
.  It will probably charge (as has been mentioned, you may need a good charger to handle it), but it quite likely will not be as good a battery as it was before - it probably won't hold a charge as long and probably will not put out as much current under full-load.
.  If you want to know why, Google "battery sulfation".
.  Good luck.

If it looks sick like it might need to be retired, why not just try charging it?
But if you've got cell-failures, you can't fix 'em. It gets h0rrible in there,full of sludge...


Yes....but you may find it blows the fuses on your charger. You need to charge it, or it will die from sulphation.