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If a movie is ever made about you, which actor would you like to play you? Answered

To start, if a movie is ever made about my life, I would like to have George Clooney as my first choice, Gerard Butler as second choice and Pierce Brosnan third. I share a striking resemblance to these actors (tongue in cheek). My theme song would be Forever Man by Eric Clapton.
George ClooneyGerard Butler
Pierce Brosnan Jan. 24



According to people I know it'd be james franco/johnny depp/orlando bloom/whoever is playing the newest spiderman...

Who I'd like...

Hmm probably have to be one of them even though I'd rather have someone a little more badass...


5 years ago

no contest


that looks like the guy I saw at our local corner store drinking milk out of a carton and then putting it back.....

Well, Ron looks much better than his younger brother Clint.

Well, here's me: and Ron, you decide LOL

Me n my machine.JPGron-howard.jpg

I believe the consensus is you!

??? I meant decide if this looks like the best match out there ;-) I don't really look like anyone else in the least bit

I would have said Nicholas Cage but Jessyratfink got there first, I do agree about the long brown wig but to play me it would have to have about 30% grey "highlights" ;-)
Instead I will go for Luke Wilson with Shia LaBeouf playing the younger me.

Nicolas Cage

I think he'd look nice in a long brown wig, and you know, just because he's my favorite.

If that didn't work out, though, I'd be okay with Maggie Smith. She's pretty fancy too.


Veteran actress Maggie Smith, she is awesome! I also see Kirsten Dunst playing your part!

Chris Evans. (maybe)

Claire Danes as she was in Temple Grandin 
However, if I had transforming powers in my film, I could easily be played by Angelina. : )

This is one in my must watch movies list!

I wonder if we're all a little autistic here...

Rowan Atkinson or Lee Evans.

I see Sean Connery also playing your part! I always thought that Lee Evans is American.

I watched him in Mousehunt and the Fifth Element, I could never pick his accent.