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If i cut an LED strip that requires 12v, will the strips still requre 12v or a lesser voltage because theyre smaller? Answered

I have a 5m smd led strip. Well of course, 5m is too big, so I want to cut it. The strip requires 12v of power, so I was wondering if I cut the LED strip if a strip would need less voltage. Thanks to anyone who can help


They would be still 12 volt DC after cutting. The are usually pre-mounted as 3-led segments. I bought the led strip six months ago and also got wiring instructions from them.

Should still be 12v.

i have something similar to what you are talking about and Frollard is right, there should be score marks where you can cut it. Do you have a power supply for it? If so then no you don't have to decrease the power.

Usually those strips have score marks every...3 or 4 leds.

Look at the strip and find how often there is a resistor. It will be between usually every 3rd or 4th LED, and often has a score mark or line where it can be cut and have new wires added.