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If i put too much input signal into my little amp will it burn? Answered

 I'm building a 5 speaker boom box out of a heineken beer keg. For the input interface and amplifying, i'm using an old pc speaker amplifier circuit, and i want to do the following changes to it:

Put 3 input jacks, altogether (plugged into the same spot of the circuit): 1x   3.5 mm jack for mp3 player input. Kind of Aux input.
                                                     2X  1/4" jack for two guitars or another combination of instruments.

Put another output jack, 1/4", additional to the 3.5mm already there.

Questions: If i plug too much things in will the amplifier burn or explode?
                     Will it be able to drive 5 speakers (1x 1.5", 2x 2" and 2x 4" approx.)

Other info: it runs with a little transformer of 220v/60hz to 9V DC. The speakers were rated to 110V/60hz. Does this means it acctualy runs on 4.5V DC?


In addition to the imput/output power levels, you also need to make sure you have the correct output impedance with your output devices.

If you plug too many things into it or put too much power going in it will damage the amp or the speakers.