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If mayonnaise is made of egg yolk, why is it white ? Answered



Best Answer 7 years ago

Mayonnaise is beaten. That traps air inside the mixture. The air causes the color change.

And I'm sorry but that should be catchup on those fries.

Is that a common local spelling ? I've seen Ketchup, Catsup and now Catchup !
Here is often called "red sauce" to distinguish it from " brown sauce"


I like to spell it the way we pronounce it. I know it's not quite right but it looks better to me.

Around here "red sauce" is hot Mexican sauce.

In Mexico they put mayonnaise on roasted corn on the cob.  I'd rather have butter and salt.

"Catchup" is what some people prefer. Others like flavoured mayonnaise, gravy or malt vinegar.

Seconded. I like all 3, plus cheese on my fries.

because it's egg and oil. The color is dominated by the emulsion, rahter than the relatively smaller amount of egg.

For the same reason snow is white...

...and the froth on an espresso is white...

... and the head of a beer is white ...

... and the wake of a power boat is white ...

That *is* yellow. It only looks white in Montreal.

'Cause the oil and egg white are broken up into tiny discrete bits which, like most things, look white because of their size.