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If my female black molly starts giving birth should I seperate her or leave her alone? Answered

I cant quite tell if my female molly is pregnant or not, but the last time she gave birth the babies were eaten because she had them in the aquarium. If she starts giving birth should I immediatly mov her to a separate tank? I dont want to disturb her. help!



Best Answer 9 years ago

quote from "how to breed mollies":
When your female Molly is big and looks like she’s about to release babies, gently move her to another aquarium or put her in a contraption to protect her babies, so they will not be eaten by larger fish.

2. How to Protect Baby Fish
There are two types of these contraptions available, and both fit inside aquariums. One such contraption is called an Aquarium Net Breeder, and it has a thin frame made of plastic that's covered with a fine net to separate the babies inside the net from the larger fish outside the net.

Click here to see a picture of two Aquarium Net Breeders that have been assembled and attached to an aquarium.

The second type of contraption is made of solid plastic and has an upper space for the female. There is a second space below and a slotted divider between the upper space and the lower space. The slots are small enough to keep the female out of the lower space, but big enough to allow the babies to fall through to the lower space, after the female releases them.

....After she releases her babies, remove the female Molly from the contraption. Leave the baby Mollies in the contraption and feed them powdered flake food. There is an explanation below about how to make powdered food for baby Mollies. Dont take them out of the breeder net until they have doubled in length MINIMUM.

...and why did you ask the same question twice? Lemonie already answered the first one.