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If one puts its gender as "robot", how does one mate? Answered

You are human and claim to be a robot........ i don't get it........ but, what I don't get is a long list!


Robotically. Its only recommended for robots.

They would create a form of combined replica of the two robots with the information that they hold about Thayer own self, engineering a new robot.


7 years ago

A RepRap or Cupcake would help...

Male and female USB connectors.

When two robots love each other very much, they go into a machine shop...

machine self replication. Input instructions and raw materials and you have new robots. Add genetic programming to design and test new variants, and you have evolution. The key building blocks of life.

Or... The beginning of a robot apocalypse... Learning computers.


7 years ago

Great answers....Thank you all

I guess you don't understand the "plug and socket" bit yet?