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If rendered waterproof, what would happen if a plasma ball was placed underwater? Answered

self explanitory I thought




Best Answer 9 years ago

Thanks to thinkdunson for clarification. A plasma globe runs off wall power. If the circuit box is, as you suggest, sealed watertight, then it will work in water just the way it works in air.

With a uniform capacitance surrounding it, the plasma streamers won't have any preference to go to one or another place on the inner globe surface. Creating points of different capacitance (i.e., touching the globe) should have the same effect in water as it does in air.

Not self-explanatory; you haven't defined what you think you mean by a "plasma ball."

Plasmas are not general self-confining, so are you including all of the infrastructure to create electric or/and magnetic fields to contain your plasma?

Generally, HV systems will short out unless you have then extremely well potted.

Plasma itself is generally an extremely high vacuum because the Coulomb replusion of the charged ions prevents maintenance of normal atmospheric densities (~1020 molecules/liter). Underwater, where the ambient pressure is higher than air, it would be even more difficult to maintain.

dude, he's talking about a "plasma globe"… not a ball of plasma.

Ah! Thank you! I'll write a better (at least more appropriate) top-level answer.