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If there is 1 bass in a pond is there more? Answered

I have a pond that is 1 and 1/2 arcrs. And has 5% weeds. Yesterday i caught a 3lb bass on a 4in charcuse banjo minnow. So is there more bass.


It will take time for a bass to grow to that size so, unless someone has introduced fish to the pond, it will have come from at least 2 other bass spawning.  Fish lay many eggs so although possible, it is unlikely that is the only one left.
Also, if there are 2 spawning, where did they come from?  They must have grown from eggs from a previous couple. 
If it's a healthy and well established pond then I think there will probably be a fair few bass in there.

On a completely different topic, this is exactly the same question you could ask about the Loch Ness Monster -- is it plausible that there could be just one single animal in a pond that large?

Does the pond ever flood from overflow? If so then there may be all kinds of fish in there.

Fish can get started in a clean pond by shore birds carrying eggs on their feet from pond to pond.

Did you release the fish?

The only good fish in the pond and you let it get away. That means that there is at least one there.

Dangle the bait and find out.

Chances are there are more fish. Unless the pond was only stocked with a single fish when it was made.