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If you are having trouble with the Instructables website, try using Firefox Answered

Officially, we support Firefox, IE6, and IE7. Unofficially, everyone here uses the site on a daily basis with Firefox. If there are bugs specific to another browser, we often won't notice them right away. This is particularly true of Safari, where lots of things are known not to work. So, if you are having trouble with something (uploading images, operations within your library), try doing the same thing with Firefox and confirm that it's not a browser specific bug. Thanks for your patience as we aim to make everything work perfectly all the time!


Since the last comment here is from 2009, I'm wondering if this is monitored.
Here goes...
I made some changes to video handling in Firefox.
Playing videos was choppy until I changed everything over to different player.
I didn't change anything other than videos to the player.
As far as I know, no Javascript things were changed.
But since I changed the settings I can't change between pictures on a step.
What do you think I did?
What happens when I click pictures?
What is the process?
I'll post this around to see if anyone knows what I did...

In my case, I'm just looking at an Instructable and trying to look at the other pictures under main one on a step...

I restored all the video handling settings to their defaults.
No change, I can't click over to the next picture on a step.
The orange border lights up when I mouseover it but when I click it it does not change to the next picture.

I finally found that Adblock was the problem. I disabled Adblock for Instructables only and now I can open the additional images.

i use firefox but i still cant post on peoples orangeboard

Google Chrome works well too.

At least better than IE8. Nothing works in IE8!!(I use it) Kabir

I use Opera 10 and it works perfectly (and a little faster, I think).

It usually takes several hours for an I'ble to be processed by a human being and added to the database. Since you created it several hours after close of business (your post was at 9 pm PST), it may not show up in the system until tomorrow morning. However, as you've demonstrated, the link above works just fine (that part is automated). In addition, rather than adding a comment to a forum topic about Web browser usage, you may have wanted to create a new topic under "Feedback" or "Bugs" (follow the "Help" link at the bottom of every page). You can also scan the topics on those fora to see if someone else has already asked your question, and had it answered. Good luck, and welcome aboard!

Thank you for your kindness!! Umm... I made it at least a month ago... But that may mean nothing! I will attempt to find it by searching one more time. Thank you for your help! I will report back soon.... drew956~out..

ok search your name does your ible come up? if it does then its ok if it dosent search your name in the members search box and click on yours then see if its there

ive got firefox but the orangeboard bug is still there


9 years ago

Ahhhh, man that feels good. Using Opera 10 Alpha, and it's working great, the site is fast and responsive and all the Javascript stuff is working. This includes comments, the yellow-image-text-boxes and the changing pictures function, all of which previously didn't work.

I have being using internet explorer 7 and after pubplishing my article I logged out and serched the site for it but it didn't come up! I even looked at my profile while i was logged out and it said I published it please HELP

i've tried using both firefox and IE to upload pictures to the site, and both attempts failed. i just keep getting stuck at the loading symbol. and the pictures are only like 200kb each, and i'm trying one at a time. the email uploader doesn't work either.

Try clearing your cache. We've also had some javascript errors that prevent your library from loading.

i cleared my cache, nothing works any better. and what of these javascript errors? how do i fix those on my end? or are they something you're still working on?

Are you still having trouble? Can you submit a bug with your complete setup? I am not able to duplicate your problem.

Your browser including version and operating system.

Hmm, now it just seems to be IE. OK I'll use Firefox L


I've tried clearing the cache, and using Firefox too, it hasn't yet fixed the add images / files problem.
Will try again though.

Firefox v. windows XP Professional, version 2002 SP2

Well, I have an unpublished Instructable that I want to get rid of. I have been trying to delete it without any luck, and a few days ago the picture dissapeared, and when i press edit, I get a java code. What is this? Thanks -Nick

I have tried publishing my instructable with Firefox and Safari on two different Macs and then I tried to publish it from Windows in Virtual PC! Every time I get an Error 500. No go.

Try using Camino- works fine for me using MacOSX. It seems to be quite a bit faster than Safari as well.

Absolutely not! I can't stand being forced to use Firefox for some sites. Safari is full featured and as fast as I need. I don't think I'd be happy with three browsers. The problem must have been with the server. My Instructable published the first try this morning.

Yeah, we're looking into that. Thanks for the complete set of errors you sent offline.