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If you die in a dream, do you really die? Answered

My friends and I are attempting to lucid dream. I don't wanna die and I'm sure my friends don't wanna die and I've heard mixed things. So is it Myth or Fact?

UPDATE: Thanks for all the answers guys!  I just realized how dumb of a question it was after reading a post that said Even if someone died in a dream and actually died they wouldn't live to tell the tale. Again thanks for the answers!


Well I figured I would post an update on this. Died in a dream last night. It was odd. Like when I realized that I was going to be killed it was just peaceful. And for the "death", it just faded to black and i could feel myself just floating in a dark but lit open space. As if there was a light source but nothing to reflect the light. After that, I just fell back into a deep sleep.

It was pretty awesome

Try it and post an instructable?
Dying maybe harder than you think (unless you really want to see what it's like? But you wouldn't because you've got no experience of dying)



7 years ago

Yes, you would die. If you already had that dream you are now a zoombie


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I've "died" in a dream before, and woke up soon after. So no, you won't die for realz if you die in a dream.

In my dream: I committed a crime -still hasn't been stated in dream- and run away from the cops. I run behind black garbage bags and when the coos pull up I duck behind them to late they see me and I run -in my first dream the shot a tazer at me I got away in my second dream they shot me with a tazer and it touch me but I woke up but the last time I dreamed about this I was tazer in the face and was in surgery and I almost died and I woke up but I fell that if I have a dream like this again I will die in my sleep


3 years ago

Of course i wouldn't, if i die in a dream nothing will happen to me & everything will be fine for me but if other people would die for real as a result of that, i could be immune to it i guess!

No you will not. For the past 2 nights I have died in my dream. One just really weird and one of me commuting suicide. But I'm alive.

Ok, I know you have got loads of answers, but im gonna say this anyway (mawahahahaha):

I find, usually in dreams, when you are coming to your death (in a dream) you normally wake up. I have never 'died' in a dream, but i expect that you would probably just die and wake up.

I think we are dreaming now ,right at this movement , when we die the dream will stop and all of you will go away , that will happen to all of us , if you don't believe it , wait until its your turn ,

so if i have a falling dream and if i die in the dream i will die for real but im not ready to die yet

I Just had a dream that a monster/demon type thing was taking my friends, and then came after me. I was in a bed w/ my husband getting ready to watch Brave and the person/thing came for me. It held its hand out and sucked my sole out and before it got the last bit, i told my husband i loved him, them I woke up. What does that mean? That was 2hrs ago and my heart is still hurting, like i was having an anxiety attack.

At quick Overview, a lot of these seem to be experiences of when people have survived after dying in a dream. But just to play devil's advocat, we can never really know if anyone has ever died in a dream and then continued to die in reality. We cannot look into other peoples dreams and see what they were dreaming, and we cannot ask a person who died in their sleep what they were dreaming about before they died, because they are dead. So although these are many examples of survivors, i want to warn the asker to proceed with caution, because all of those who may have actually died in reality are not able to post their experiences and therefore give examples for a counter argument.

a few minuets ago i woke up from a dream that i died in from 2 injections 1 made me stop attacking calmed me down and the other one killed me and when i was killed i felt my lungs harden up and i stopped breathing i then woke up with my heart racing is this some sort of condition i actually think i died for a second or two

its happend to me twice im in my living room i stand up then my heart feels like its g squeased and then every thing goes black then i wake up out of my dream and my heart is pounding like crazy:( :( :( sorry for the bad spelling:)

we call it in the philippines as "bangungot"

uy taga PILIPINAS KA DIN pala yes may kasama pala aku hehe diba namatay dun si MARKY CIELO???hehe
(hey your from PHILIPPINES ALSO yes so I have a companion here ey hehe i remember MARKY CIELO(a filipino actor lol) died becuz of nightmares right??? hehe

how do u know what he is dreaming if he is dead?

Well; funny thing I found this. I actually keep having dreams where I DIE and don't wake up; in fact I just keep dreaming. I don't know wheather or not it's a psychological issue; or not, but it's weird but cool at the same time.
In this last dream (I had it last night, Nov 27- Nov.28, tonight) I was stabbed in the kidney I believe and was then suffercating in my own blood. Despite me dying in the dream; I didn't even remotely wake up. So; fact or myth? It's definitely a myth.


6 years ago

Think this way:
If someone dies, he won't probably talk about his last dream.

So, we can't know.

well i've herd and seen on 1000 ways to die and yes you will die but it is pretty rare. it happens by well say some one is choking you in a dream you will react in real life and will choke in real life and rarely will die

well u can if u r a heart patiant

If you die in d dream sumtin dies in you so run to the pastor


7 years ago

Q. If you die in a dream, do you really die?

Ans. dream --> sequence of multimedia
suppose u r the television and program is running
if i press the power off button of the remote then what happend to u?
u will be dead

if u r the content of the multimedia the television is alive even u are dead as a content


I died in a dream once and am now a zombie... i mean ~

I would say no, because dreams are CRAZY man. If you have like a heart attack or something, maybe that would happen, but its very unlikely.

A man had a dream that he was falling off of a cliff. Just before he hit the ground he had a heart attack and died (in real life, not the dream). What's wrong with the story?

Hints: Falling in dream, heart attack in real life


7 years ago

yes,your brain or heart could give up,so yes.

if you did, i'd be dead! i've fallen of a cliff, been eaten by a bear, drowned, and one time i was making snow angles and a rabid snowman killed me! :B

if you get beaten up in a dream, are you bruised when you wake up?....
on another note...if a tree falls in the forest when no-one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?...and how many angels can dance on a size 9 pinhead?....
but, if you seek the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything, you should know...it is 42

I got all the references/heard all those questions except for the angels one.

"carpe jugulum" by Terry Pratchet (one of the discworl series)... a priest mentions that his order is divided about everything...whether mirrors are good or bad, even how many angels can dance on a pinhead

Well, my friend has dreamed me dead in just about every dream he tells me about, and I'd have to say I'm still alive. Last time we were all part of The Hunger Games, and he threw a pebble, it hit my shoulder, and I fell down and died. Thats not really gonna happen.

If you wake up at the end of the dream then probably not.

If you die in a dream, you wake up and you do not really die. Unless dieing in the dream scares you so much that you die for real.


7 years ago

I was thinking of a couple of things...

You probably have died yourself. You'll never know for sure if you died, because everything just went black...

2. A Dream is just as good as thinking about yourself dying. Its just your thoughts

Q: "If you die in a dream, do you really die?"

A: Only in your dream...

Have you watched Inception?It is a movie about dreams. if you don't believe yourself,you can pinched your cheek to make sure you weren't still dreaming.Die in the dream means wake up in the really world. Transfer your attention,it will be better.

besides, inception has it backward. dreams don't last longer inside dreams..they're shorter. If you have ever dreamed you were dreaming you'll get it.

I wonder if it works the same way around, die in reality and dream or as most say go to heaven?