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If you have an overactive bladder, here's some advice. Answered

First of all, I would just want to say that I have procured this advice from my own personal experience.  This is what I do.

Tip 1- STOP DRINKING COFFEE!  It's amazing how the people who buy bladder control medicine are the same people who drink coffee, which contains a substance known as caffeine.  Caffeine does give you that 5 second energy perk, but then this is followed by you taking a piss in the toilet ever 20 minutes because it's a diuretic substance.  And at this point I am not just talking about coffee either.  Most sodas contain quite a bit of caffeine as well.

Tip 2- Drink less water.  I know how people need water to survive, but I am not saying to stop drinking water, I am just saying to reduce your watery intake.  I was sick with Swine flu a few weeks back, so my mom forced me to drink gallons of water each day.  I ended up having to get out of bed every 30 minutes to use the bathroom, and this ruined the whole resting pattern.

I'm just sick of seeing so many advertisements about bladder control medicine.  I don't care, just get back to that awesome show I was watching!  

Help boycott bladder control medicine and get those advertisers to shut the heck up. (Unless of course you have a real medical condition and for some reason more bathroom use is a side effect, then none of this applies to you)


Coffee is what is known as a diuretic.  It will slightly lower your blood pressure, thus causing excess fluids in your body to be excreted.

I do not recommend drinking less water however.  Water is a necessity for maintaining a healthy diet.  Although you may urine a little more than usual; it is for the best.  Limiting coffee consumption is the best option. 

There is the medical condition (primarily for older individuals) of an overactive bladder.  This should be treated with medicine after talking to a doctor first.

No,  I am no doctor, but living in a household with doctors as parents, I got to learn these things as I grown up.

You're drinking the right amount of water if your pee is clear

It also means you don't have to flush, since it looks exactly like water.

 ooo who else does that besides... 

It also means you can drink it, since it is almost exactly water!

I agree

That is personal preference, I drink just enough to survive.  It's good practice in case you get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

If it is a medical condition, none of this applies.  I note this in the last sentence.

sorry, can't read. too busy using the bathroom!


8 years ago

Wierd. I drink coffee, and I only pee about 3-4 times a day.
I wonder what an average pee-per-day rate is?

What awesome show would that be? ^^


  over here (UK) advertising pharmaceuticals is not permitted, big Pharma spend money convincing medical professionals to prescribe instead. However, on the two occasions I bought PopSci, I did notice a couple of advert's for old-persons ailments. I agree that this sucks.