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If you have one tool to use to make a wooden sword what would it be?????????????????????/ Answered

Like a axe, knife,sandpaper, others. can be machine use.


Does woodshop count as a tool? I'd probably just take a lathe with some wood and sandpaper and knives stowed away in it :P

how would you use a lathe to make a sword

Dremel tool

cah el

7 years ago

I would highly recommend a jigsaw myself

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Wait... I'd use a wooden sword making machine.

now that's just rediculous. unless it's strawberry jam!

pocket knife. can be used to make the whole thing, minus attaching the cross guard to the sword. if blade is sharp, you will need alot less sanding latter (unless you leave deep knife marks, then you're in trouble) since the sharp blade leaves less marks.

A gun so i don't have to use the wooden sword

If you have power: a belt sander.

an axe, its what i used to make my wooden bokken, but you might want to have some sandpaper as well and maybe a knife if you want detail

A glass bottle. Trust me. Break it, and you have several kinds of blades.

...and you also have a psychopathic serial killer... 


No, really, I mean it...

A lot of time and sandpaper can do anything.

 Dremel does everything. 


9 years ago

A bandsaw

 It depends. If I had nothing I'll just use a rock!
but I still prefer belt sander ( if i can get one )


8 years ago

every one shutup

The draw knife you picture is nice, but I would probably prefer a spoke shave myself....

 my laser vision of course!
 (chisel   :)

 hhahhaha!! :)   
believe or not that did make me laugh
                                                                                   J.K.  ;-)

LOTS of sand paper! (trust me it takes a while but with precision it works) 

seconded. It takes time but with only one tool to use I would definitly go for this one since it will give the best sword

either a spokeshave or a drawknife

 Another sword.


8 years ago

A piece of wood! DUH!!! lol

 hhahhaha!! :)   
believe or not that did make me laugh