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If you increase the voltage to a clock, will the clock tick faster? Answered

Pretty much that, will it tick faster, slower(?), backwards(!), blow the clock, do nothing, make tim-tams?


Phil B

Best Answer 9 years ago

I would say, "No." because a quartz clock uses a quartz crystal to time the clock's movement. The quartz crystal naturally vibrates at a fixed rate around 36,000 per second. Those vibrations are then divided to achieve regulation pulses for hours, minutes, and seconds. Modulating a quartz crystal clock is sometimes done with a very small trimmer capacitor so a slow clock can be made accurate, or the reverse for a fast clock.

. Depends on the type of clock.

Yes, the clock will only tick faster if it uses a transistor oscillator, which is why they don't make clocks like that.

Ordinary quartz crystal wall clock, should have made that clearer

Digital clocks are designed to change speed as little as possible with changes in voltage. A typical set-up would be a crystal oscillator running at 32768 Hz being fed into a sixteen stage digital divider to give one second pulses. A crystal oscillator circuit can be very accurate and immune to supply voltage changes. A mains powered mechanical clock works in a different way. It keeps time to the frequency of the mains supply - 50Hz in the UK, 60Hz in the US. Increasing the voltage would eventually burn the motor out.

no it will not tick faster....becoz the pin has a limited acceleration or speed......