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If you used a AC/DC, series wound, 115V, 1.2 fla, 1/15hp, 5000rpm, motor as a generator what Voltage would you generate? Answered

If I spun the shatt of this motor at 5000rpm what should I expect to generate in voltage and Max watts.


If it is an induction motor you will get about 1 or 2 volts. They are an efficient motor but are not an efficient generator. If it is DC and has permanent magnets then you will get about 115V.

You could always test it with a multimeter or oscilloscope.

Around 115V, but only if it had a load attached. MAximum watts would be close to 1/15 Hp ~50W

Could I control the output voltage from the generator by simply using a motor variable speed controller rate for the motor?

Hmm, not sure, I am not a generator specialist. My immediate thought is you can do it just by changing the motor speed. The classic way, in a separately excited machine (where the field current is controlled by another power source), is to change the field current.