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If you wanted to create a machine that could invent new stuff, how would you do it with a website like Instructables? Answered

I'm curious, with all this creative stuff on the Instructables, can't we use existing creative thinking techniques and Industrial Engineering methods to create totally new inventions?


The raw processing power for human-like artificial intelligence is orders of magnitude higher than early AI researchers thought. Neurons are not just simple integrating machines. But with our rapidly-improving hardware, the power almost exists. The methods are well on their way. Machine analogs of curiosity and creativeness have been demonstrated. The real stumbling block is imparting common sense.

Human beings have whole decades of complex interactions with other people, a web of traditions and histories extending back tens of millennia, eons of natural history, and the fundamental constraints of physics. Without sharing this background, any artificial intelligence is starting from a point more alien than any extraterrestrial we can imagine.

That said, AI research has shown that often computers don't need to think like people to get the job done. A simulated ant colony might be the kind of 'mind' needed for designing an optimal set of traffic lights, for instance.

Perhaps an inhuman sort of mind can provide the spark your creativity needs, or the persistence to see an idea through.

To create a machine capable of inventing (assuming I am understanding the question correctly) is to create a machine that can formulate ideas in a creative way much the way the human brain does. To date, I don't believe this has been done, but if you start researching Artifical Intelligence and perhaps a device such as the Reprap you might be able to get somewhere. Good luck!

... Are you serious? Go read some Ray Kurzweil.