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Ignition Source? Answered

I'm looking for a way to ignite butane/propane almost remotely or by button. Basically, I would like to make a spark generator. I've looked into piezos but they can be hard to press down. I'm looking for something that I can attack to a softer button. I've seen negative ion generators and ignition coils with 555's but I would like to know which would be more reliable. The ion generator would be cheaper, smaller and lighter but is it as reliable as a ignition coil? Also, if there is an easier/cheaper way, please point me in the direction of such device. Any and all feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.



8 years ago

Buy a disposible camera with a flash. Remove the flash circuit (without touching the circuitry) and discharge the capacitor by shorting between its legs with a screwdriver. remove the flash and connect two wires in its place. if you tape these wires close together but not touching, you should get a spark between them.