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Ikea Hackers -- How does one deconstruct an EXPEDIT shelf? Answered

I have a 5x5 EXPEDIT shelving unit from IKEA. It is AMAZING. But now I need to first MOVE the shelf, and then I plan to hack it (adding LED's to each box! I'm excited!)

Here' s a  link to show you what this shelving system looks like: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/series/09064/

My question to this AMAZING community is this: How the heck do I deconstruct this thing such that I can move with it? This is made of compound/particle board (I believe) and held together with little wooden nubs (sorry I have no idea what these wood nubs are called) which are hammered into pre-drilled holes.

Any help is appreciated!


Thank you Caitlinsdad for rocking so hard!

OK. Check!

How do I separate the wooden thingies? (If you know what this is called, please let me know)

When I try to separate the parts, I'm getting nothing but crazy noises and the occasionally broken wooden-peg-thingie and very little progress on a successful disassembly. I tried using a hammer -- did not work. Now I'm using a 16 oz mallet and a folded towel to help extricate the sides from the shelving.

How can I extricate the broken wooden peg-things? Some were dead easy to remove (pliers did the trick to pull them out) other pegs are completely opposed to the idea of coming out of the holes. I'd prefer to drill out as few as possible of these things (because I need to score new parts if I destroy the old parts).

If the "peg-things" don't come out easily, then just drill them out. They're called wooden dowels. You can find them at any hardware store. Just bring one with you so you get the right diameter and length. They're generally sold in small packages for a buck or two, so I wouldn't worry about having to replace them. :-)