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Ikea RAMVIK Coffee Table Arcade Mod Answered

I'm in the purchasing phase to begin building a new arcade modded coffee table. 

I have most everything figured out, my only issue is an idea a friend of mine expressed to me tonight and that is a "spring loaded latch" to serve as a means to, when first pushed in, release the monitor from being held in place on the table so it can be more conveniently angled towards the viewers, and when pushed in again, to latch it back into position (flush with table top).

My problem is,  I have no idea what these things are called or what they look like. I'm fairly certain "spring loaded latch" is the appropriate terminology, but not completely sure as everything I'm seeing looks entirely foreign to me.

I've included a terrible, terrible MS Paint version (I literally spent ~5 minutes on this) to kind of show what I'm going for. I want it flat on latch, angled at release. Spring loaded to push it forward upon release, but locking at the end point (say 35 degrees).

This will be my first mod, and I absolutely HAVE to do it as my wife thought it was cool enough to allow for our living room piece.

So, to reiterate, my question is:

What is the name of this piece that latches/releases upon pressing? Is there one viable for something as heavy as this monitor (21.5" IPS LED Monitor)?


Also, if anyone has any suggestions, please do share. I am a total novice but my father is a woodworking aficionado (though my intent is to keep this as exclusive to my own efforts as possible). 

When I finish this piece, I will absolutely include a step-by-step instruction PDF.



They actually make waterproof arcade buttons/joystick. Protecting the monitor will be a little more difficult, but I'm gonna do it.

Expense really isn't an issue. I have the table already, and the wife permitted up to $700 in spending. That gives me a lot of leeway.

This sort of arcade game has the display under a glass top. The glass top protects the display because it serves as a table too and people put drinks on tables (and spill them).
Also, the controls need to be on the sides of the table not the top.
If you do it like this it'll be a lot of hassle and expense and you won't really be able to use it as a table. Think about building a stand-up cabinet instead perhaps.