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Ikea hack with magnets Answered

Hey guys!

I just bought myself a Ikea PS laptop workstation. I thought it was heavy enough to stand on its own, turns out it isn't. I don't want to drill holes on the wall, I thought about using magnets to give balance to it.

Questions are:
- can I do that? I mean, magnets to hold a metal structure plus using that to hold electronics such as laptop, DS, camera, mobile etc.
- in case I can, which sort of magnets should I buy? The open lid on the Ikea PS supports up to 25kg/55lb, plus 15kg/32lb from the PS itself. There will be support underneath to hold the weight (thought about using glass jars, grouping three on each side, totaling six), so the magnets will mostly add balance to the structure, and not hold its entire weight.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read this! A good day to all.

Diogo Slov


That product is designed to be fixed to the wall, and the weight of a laptop, at that distance out on a lever (the shelf), plus you leaning and typing, will put quite a large force on the fixings.

I would guess that magnets large/string enough to hold it would also be strong enough to do mischief to your laptop.

If you really don't want to screw holes in the wall, I'd make some sort of legged frame that projects towards you from the sides of the cabinet.

Right, I happened to be in Ikea yesterday, so I went and had a look at the PS.

You definitely need to fix it to the wall the recommended way - magnets strong enough to hold that up will also play merry wossis with your computer.

And possibly with the pacemakers of people passing in the street.

Haha! 11pm and I bursted out laughing with the fine print :-D Thanks for the input! I will pay my rent on Friday and going to ask the landlord about it. Cheers, Slov

Any time, just don't ask for a special trip to Ikea to measure the thing - it's three hours from me.