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I'll Be A Frogy's Uncle! Answered

Yes, you read the title properly.

No, I have not crossbred Homo sapiens with ''Hyla cinerea''.

Not yet anyway...

Anyway, my pair of American Tree Frog I rescued from a dumpster have laid eggs!
Can't wait for them hatch, shall keep you guys up-to-date, I just saw the eggs this morning (2/4/08), they were making quite a ruckus last night.

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Ugh! They were *turnsred*... pebbles... egg shaped pebbles... *hidesinfridgefromshame*


Ugh! They were *turnsred*... pebbles... egg shaped pebbles... *hidesinfridgefromshame*

How did they get up on that stick then? You're going to suffocate in the fridge...If you do can I have your frogs?

Frogs with an evil sense of humour ... scary!

Oh my yes! What will they do next?

Drawing smiley faces in the condensation on the glass?

Just as long as they don't starting writing formulae...

hmm, wait until they start drawing Swastika on the glass

I think we're safe there - that frog doesn't exactly look Aryan, does it?

Hurrah for the preview mode - the frogs nearly came out knitted

I don't know, if it sheds it's skin it might reveal that it is really blond haired and blue eyed LOL

Or maybe they'll start taking the lid off their aquarium and hiding.

Or leaving small stones in unusual places and sneaking back into the tank before you wake.

Or they'll hide and pay other, different colored frogs, to be in their aquarium.

I can see the movie now !

Invasion of the frog Body Snatchers !

I have no idea... and yes. Provide me with your name, address, DOB, social security number, your parents credit card number's, and when I suffocate they will get sent to you.

hahaha mike and ikes!

those aren't eggs.... I MEAN, UHHH yes they are, YES THEY ARE!!!

spawn my minions... help me in my conquest to take over the world

They look awfully exposed to be eggs... Frog eggs are usually in a mass of jelly as well, even when they're laid in a tree.

I do agree with you there, unfortunately I can't think of what else they maybe, so I shall (for the time being) stick with my original theory.

Doing a quick look on google, it seems like tree frog eggs do not look like that. I only get stuff that looks like this:


Maybe they aren't frogs... Ever think that maybe you are raising aliens?

Hmm, you'd be surprised, maybe he just had hemorrhoid surgery ?

hahah my first thought was "hey those look like mike & ike" LOL

oh i am quite sorry but im awfully sure those aren't eggs.

Those eggs look like jelly beans... I had a tree frog jump onto my ear once. It scared the crap out of me, and I flung it to the ground. It would hang out at our house, but after that I never saw it again.

At first I thought that said it jumped in your ear....

Those eggs look like jelly beans

That is exactly what I was going to say.

He was going to eat the bugs in your ear, but you rejected his kindness, it knew it was not wanted :-)

those aren't eggs... those are - MUNCH! - yes, they are jelly beans!

technically, its an embryo, not a baby ;]

maybe it's a fungus?

I was thinking that right after I post ;)

You know what they say...If the terrarium's a rockin', don't come a knockin'!

A good way to test them is to bite one and see if it is a mike and ike or not. I can't kill you.

Reprase last sentence: It can't kill you. Not I can't kill you.

It does look like a Mike & Ike.
They look like jelly beans too.
I hope they ARE eggs!