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I'll SUBSCRIBE to you! Just leave me a comment :) Answered


Just say Hi!! or something random!!

Everyone on here deserves to be recognized, and though i may not have unlimited patches, i have unlimited subscriptions!!

-Kevin C.

also, subscribe to me :)

Once you have seen this topic, please mention it to other members! 



3 years ago

Cool Knex items! Are you still doing the 'share a follow' thing? :-)

Hey subscribe to me!!!


i'm as happy as a squid in japan

any one else love a7x?
i miss the rev
i a freakin' taco
so give them blood, blood, gallons of the stuff
gogogadget helicopter mode!!
fruuits enrobes a la cire waxed citrus
this is the theme song, of jimmy neutron
with charmin ultra less is more
dont use butter sticks as skates when your at the mall

I know you have alreadly subbed me, Im just curious, how many people have you subbed so far? :D

:D I love the blue double popsicles! They are a sign of summer! :D

ur sweet revenge is awsome

hey! your hellslayer is awesome and im going to make your freeslinger sooN!!!!!!!

yeAH! oh and i ment the freekiller, i made it already, its awesome!

hi. your pic is so cute

looky on youtube how to be a ninja:-)


8 years ago

My pet  monkey died yesterday. :'( 


8 years ago

knex are cool wen they have a motor!!

Quit yer spamming and don't subscribe to me.

 wtf man. i was only ("spamming") that page for fun. my advertising. besides, this is not KI this is instructables. we are not uptight. quit yer complaining.
and i subbed you a long time ago, so :P

I'll be damned. You did sub me.

Besides, we don't want to sift through mountains of spam to find useful, productive comments. On KI, some people post comments that actually relate and improve upon the original post.

Also, I'm not entirely sure what it was I was advertising.

WTF what a noob. Knex Freek doesn't break promises. JK. 5*. Somehow, you can rate a blog?

 Haha thnx! im sorry i missed this comment, it didnt show up on my comment tracker :(

And yes, thankyou!, you can rate a forum topic :)

Eh, what? Did you mean to reply to someone else? I said nothing about broken promises or rating blogs.

 come on dude be nice 
i gotta watch out for my buddies if you know what i mean

Eh? That comment wasn't particularly unkind. Now, if you look at my comment above, then you'll find something that was meaner, but still within the norm for me. I'm not nice to people who spam my threads, capiche?

I'm also not nice to people who use improper grammar and falsely accuse me, if you know what I mean.

Is someone hanging participles again?  Hmm?    LOL 

 thats fine just making sure if you know what i mean hes a good buddy of mine you know just watchen out kinda,  your OK in my book :)

 thankyou. watch out for mr.uptight :) he can be .. well . . . uptight :)
thanks 4 watching my back pal 


well that dosent exactly improve upon anything

What? I'm not sure what you're trying to say here.

''On KI, some people post comments that actually relate and improve upon the original post.''
I know its not the best forum topic but it wasn't hurting you, and your comment dosent improve upon anything.
If you dont like this forum topic then dont go on it.
It's a good forum topic for begginers on instructables to get started with subs.

ps. I don't like spamming and I can see where you're coming from about the spamming bit.

Exactly. On KI, our posts can actually be improved upon; they are not utter spam. Beyond that, however, I never said that every post on KI improved upon the original post. Not all posts are related to models. That is what I intended when I said improve upon.
In other words; we don't have people who say 'cool 5*' or something useless like that. You should not be into this for some sort of perceived popularity based on the votes your model gets or the number of subscriptions you have. You should be in this for want to make models out of knex.

I am in this for the wan't to make models out of k'nex.
If you make instructables you want them to be seen so subs are good for someone nobody has heard of. kNeXFreek has a lot of free time for subscribers so he set up this page for people to get heard of.

 oops i put "my advertising" instead of saying "no advertising. "



8 years ago

wazzzz up

 WAZZZZZZZZZZ up i subscribed!!!!! 

 Hello there, is this random enough?

By the way, how many subscriptions have you already given away?

 over 1300 at this point AND subbed!!

Wow, thanks a lot; thanks for subscribing!!! 

 No problem!!!!! lol !!!!! i cant wait to see some good ibles coming from you :)


8 years ago

 Hello. You have unlimited subs right? WELL THEN SUB TO ME AGAIN!!! lol

Hey when I subb to you can you post your challanges and contestes to my wall :)