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Illogic Bow Answered

I finally got access to a camera

here are some pictures of the Illogic bow

No instructable will be posted until I find my camera charging cable.

I stuck KILLERK's TR18 grip and the 18 turret onto it, pics will be up wjen i can be bothered.



8 years ago

OK. SO i built it and I only got 5-7 meters with 2 bands. is that normal or did I build it wrong?

i made it so the trigger pushed against a lever which pulled the ratchet block away. Its a bit more complicated than your but works the same way,

I mean you probanly built it wrong, I don't really tend to fire it with anything less than 3 #64's

I see lots of zak's turret bow in there.

Ok, they just reminded me of his turret bow right as I saw it, the stock and handle and handle placement are similar.

the placement of the stock and handle is probably similar because the trigger is similar to zak's

Your trigger seems totally different, his trigger was basically a giant zkar trigger.

it basicly uses a red connector on a grey rod with some other stuff at the back, and from what I remember thats pretty similar to the sexbow's trigger

But yours just stops a rachet, and is basically a long beam. His is a giant hook that goes under, like yours, up and behind the ramrod, and then comes forward and down on top.

I don't see any relationship between Zak's things and the handle and stock on this gun.

Have you seen his turret bow? I know it is not a copy in any way, it just looks like his turret bow's brother or cousin. They have very similar design features, including the stock and handle.

is this the best of the 3 logic bows if it is post it and ill make


8 years ago

Could you post a internal pic of the trigger? I can make the rest. It looks like its worth building

I don't like the turret connection. Is there a better way?

It looks flimsy, though I guess according to you it is strong. I thought it would be weak and bendy.

I know, I just thought it would be bendy. I like it alot, hopefully I will build it soon.

Ehpik new trigger system. Can't see how it works though.

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8 years ago

wayyy better!

PLEASE POST when you find your camera charging cable. It looks a lot better. Plus I've been waiting to use my eight round turret for a gun.

Well, I had a gun before that used that turret and i destroyed the gun but saved the turret so i wouldn't have to build it again when it came to building another gun.

Awesome! I would help you find your cable if I could.....

Oh also POST. I would just build from the pictures but I can't see the trigger so thats why you should POST.

I like how this is mostly a cosmetic mod.